Business Principles

Panoramic Image of the Usina Santa Fé S.A.

Panoramic Image of the Usina Santa Fé S.A.


What does our company exist for?

To produce clean energy from renewable sources in a sustainable manner.


What does our company want to achieve?

To provide a high return in the segments it operates in, growing sustainably.

Beliefs and Values

Rules and conduct to accomplish our mission and vision.

  • Team work and commitment.
  • Integrity, ethics and transparency.
  • Valuing people, creating growth opportunities.
  • Collective effort in pursuit of profitability.
  • Sustainability: Preserving the environment and driving social and economic responsibility.

Quality Management Policy

  • To produce sugarcane-based products in compliance with legislation and regulations.
  • To pursue continuous improvement in processes and products in order to ensure safe, high quality foods, customer satisfaction and an adequate return for shareholders
  • To maintain open and constructive communication with customers, suppliers and authorities.
  • To promote the training and motivation of employees, driving increased competency, effective processes and the company's sustainability.