Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility consists of providing a pleasant workplace, helping to promote the development and well being of the employees, family members and the community.

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    Projeto Varal de Poesia

    Itaquerê Development Institute

  • Itaquerê Development Institute Founded in 2014 to offer educational, integration, health and civic awareness programs for children and adolescents, enhancing their growth opportunities. The institute had its origin in the creation of CECOI – Centro de Convivência Itaquerê in 2000, a community development and leisure space. The success of the center led to the foundation of the institute. For further information see the website
  • Casa da Leitura Project: The library was founded by Usina Santa Fé S.A. in 1999, with a collection of more than 12,000 books, internet access and a video library available for the entire community. The library organizes projects such as Cordel literature, Storytelling, Writing and a Reading Festival.
  • Visit Program: to familiarize students and family members with the production process.
    • School Visits: Since 2005, the Usina Santa Fé S.A. has partnered with the Ribeirão Preto branch of the Brazilian agribusiness association ABAG in an agribusiness educational program for teachers and beginning level secondary students. The purpose of the program is to teach the students the fundamental concepts of agribusiness and organize visits so that they may link theory with practice.
    • Family Visits: This program is aimed at enabling employees' families to experience a little of the routine of the company, showing them the agricultural, industrial and hydroelectric plant (a landmark in Santa Fé's history, built in 1920) areas so that they may appreciate what the employees do, as well as learn about occupational health and safety.
  • Library


  • Course for Mothers-to-Be: Implanted in 1984, the program provides mothers-to-be with guidance on caring for themselves and their babies.
  • Professions project: This project is aimed at students finishing secondary education, providing them with career orientation.